We're here for all things cycling!

Tired of wasting time on dozens of cycling sites and forums when you could be in the saddle?
Sick of the noise and nonsense of all-in-one social media?
The 10 Buck Bike Club is your place to get away from the politics, the ads, the negativity,
click-tracking, algorithims, and simply let your cycling freak flag fly.

Who is 10 Buck Bike Club for?

It’s simple.
We’re for anyone who rides a bike. We’re for new cyclists.
We’re for elite and experienced cyclists. We’re for everyone in between.

Why Join?

We're a little different and the 10 Buck Bike Club will roll better with you in it!
With our growing network of connected cyclists from around the world,
the 10 Buck Bike Club will become the dynamic, one-stop-shop for all things cycling.
For just 10 bucks a year, you can be a part of the action!

10 bucks you say?
1 Alexander Hamilton?
That's it?

Yep. 10 bucks.
We even named a company after it!

And, if you're not a more informed, smarter, more connected cyclist or...just not happy after a year?
No worries.

1) We won't let you renew
2) you'll get your 10 bucks back.

There's absolutely no risk to you.

Sounds GREAT, I'm In!

10 Buck Bike Club is YOUR Place.

Get access to expertise, deals and discounts, industry leaders, group rides, and events
Build your knowledge, skills, confidence on the bike, friendships, and more
Connect with old friends and make new friends locally and globally, share YOUR expertise, and learn from cyclists everywhere

Still on the fence?

Get in touch with our co-founder Rick Zwetsch who will answer any questions: hello@10buckbikeclub.com